Big Project Due.... PLEASE HELP

Hello Everyone,
Ofcouse i have a big project due and now i am running to render problems
This is the output in the when it crashes:

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, (Blender TIFF Interface Layer): unknown field with tag 37724 (0x935c) encountered.
Mapalloc returns nill, fallback to regular malloc : len=35070000 in imb_addrectImBuf, total 546496132
Calloc returns nill: len=35070000 in imb_addrectImBuf, total 1737638884


Maybe running out of Memory. Do you get the error if you render at say 50%?

Yes when i do render it at 50% it works. So how do I correct the memory issue?

Sometimes when i restart, open the program with out changing anything and render it it works…

Not sure you can fix it - it’s a Windows issue. If it is borderline and you aren’t using other programmes you might get away with it.

The ‘Really Big Render’ script can help if the problem comes up in the future:-

Try rendering to PNG sequence…?