Big Question.[Learning Blender]

Hello guys, how you doing?
I have a question, i want to learn Blender from the basics so i really get to know it well and use it properly, i’ve been trying to use Blender but without success i know the interface and some of the basics, but because of my lack of patience i rushed everything and went trying to do Water and other stuff, modeling for example. What i really want to know is where to start of. I hope this is the right section of the forum to post such questions.

Thanks, Martin.

Well, you could start with noob to pro and if you’re bored of that, you can continue with the character animation tutorial. That’s what I did. :slight_smile:

The character animation tutorial puts you right into using blender without having to know anything. I think it’s my favorite tutorial actually. :smiley: The most imortant to me was learning modeling, but you get to try many parts of blender.

Although you could start with it right away, like I said, I’d recommend playing around with the noob to pro a little first to get the basics. Then you’re a bit more prepared and can understand things better.

Hope that’ll keep you busy for a little while. :stuck_out_tongue: The character animation tutorial took me a month! But I was almost a complete noob back then…

I’ll check it out for sure, thanks for the suggestions mate, i appreciate it :).I’m really interested in Animation and Modelling so the one you suggested me are really good!

More suggestions please!