Big Red Button

It’s big, it’s red and no room should be without it:
A Big Red Button©
Just place it anywhere preferably where no-one expects it (just about anywhere) and see who is the most curious of your friends and family.

Also we’d like to use this message to inform you of it’s exiting new companion product in development now:
The Do Not Touch Sign©
When this amazing product will be released has not yet been disclosed but keep your eye out for it.

It would make a fun trinket. I’d like to see it sold someday.
Nice work.

LOL! that reminds me of that Family Guy episode.
Peter: Chris rules are meant to be broken.
(Flashback to him standing against a wall with a big red button. on top of it a sign reads “Don’t press.” Peter Fidgets and looks for a while, then he can’t control himself and presses the button.)

ENTER Midget karate master
Karate master bows to peter and kicks him in the face knocking him unconscious.


Family guy rocks

One good interpretation of the classic button, I like how you made it glow. :slight_smile:

just make it EMIT light

Thats one of the better uses of radiosity I’ve seen. (I assume you used radio. Correct me if I’m wrong.) Good job. I wish I had one of those wired to my computer’s reset button! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanx for the comments. It’s not the most complicatd model ever but I kinda liked the result.

digital_me: No radiosity used, just added a red lamp inside the button. And tweaked the placement and the buttons’ material till it looked like it glowed.

It reminded me of that episode of Ren & Stimpy with the History Eraser Button, and Ren leaves Stimpy to watch it…hEh…That show rocked. pours malt liquor out on ground for Ren & Stimpy


:D:D:D I’ve always loved big red buttons!