Big red GT (not so red anymore)

Finally I made two renders decent enough to say that this project is finished!

Rendered with Octane.

Hope you like them!

Very good work. My favorite is the second (white) version + the shot on your blog. I like the color harmony as well (car + background). Sunset reflected on the bonnet … simply great. Overall very sophisticated work!

More than decent there mate. You did an especially good job with the enviornment. Sometimes people forget that you can make an artistic statement with more than just your focus target.

very good work!
Someone toss this in the gallery ;D

dam, this looks so powerful and fast

I likes, but what happened to the one you had on the road. Anyway it come out real good man.

Nice lighting, nice wheels. I love it.
Actually I am after party. In Latvia now ir 3:00 at night, but I like it and I am drunk a little bit :slight_smile: Its Saturday night :slight_smile: But your job is great:)

fantastic work.
Octane is very good.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

@tyrant monkey: that not convince me totally, I spent two days looking for decent photos but the only things that I find was the images on

@jogy: Hahahahah, thanks for this :smiley:

this is brilliant…why has it not been put into the gallery yet?

Great render, I had never seen this car model before, but looks very good.
You should post some wires.
This should go to the gallery.

Thanks guys, I’m really glad that you like it :slight_smile:
@ludemi84: for wires and clay renders you can look here:

I definitely think this should go into the gallery…

Which models of cars did you use reference photos of?

Awsome render and modeling.

+1 for the gallery :slight_smile:

excellent work worthy of gallery

@N00b@Blender: I use this draw of Scott Robertson found in the book “Start your engines”:

Thanks so much for for the support :smiley:

Hehe, Massive gallery support … :slight_smile: OK, +1 from me too.

Imho needs a grill at the front.

I can hear the monster roaring at me :smiley: Exceptional work mate!