Big rigs over the road racing, quite innovative for its time (NOT)

CHECK IT OUT it is the best most innovative game ever, the technology is wonderful, it is the most creative thing i’ve ever seen and the most high tech in all fields you better come and play it:p

Okay, i’m not spamming, just shows you what a game ends up like when you work on it for 5 minutes using MS paint and 3DS Max 1 and try to program it with pig latin.

Wow! That game is almost as good as Power Rangers games! And those graphics…the textures are so detailed, you can see individual pixels in them! Yeah, every branch in the entertainment industry has this type of thing…bad movies, bad music, baaaaaaad video games…

I’d pick this one over all the other bad games because this is so bad it’s actually its own special breed. You must respect the developer it’s quite hard to make a full game and get a review that bad.:smiley:

Yes…I bet they did a lot of brainstorming sessions to figure out how to make this game bad, then worse, then worser.

So… bad… have… to … play… it

I’m downloading it now.

Yeah, I was thinking that now.

A few months ago I was at a Sam’s club and they had Big rigs for sale at a little price, I could’ve bought it, but instead some lady bought it and even though I did warn her about how bad it was she still took it to see for herself.

Now I think I should’ve bought it just for the novelty.:o

Oh, yeah. You can ride on walls and the opponent doesn’t even race with you. And, it’s not a rig, it’s just the front part of the truck.

My god.

You’re winner!

And who designes a trophy with handles like that? That’s gotta be completely unholdable…

And the movie thing was funny…

Add one for the “I really have to play this” sentiment.

And to think, 117 poor fools have this game on their wishlist. Never have I seen a worse review for a game. Honestly, I enjoyed reading just how bad this game was. I have played some pretty crappy games in my time but never one as bad as this sounds.

This game would have been cool 15 years ago… Now it looks like garbage. I can see why it got terrible reviews.

.:Tr@ceR:. :I don’t think it would’ve gotten good reviews even 15 years ago as it totally sucks as a game.

.:Tr@ceR:. only cares about graphics.

(dont deny it! its true!)