Big Round Fat Canon (3DNP View)

Here’s my new wip. It’s a canon. I’m going to put a electricbox on the side of it. There will be a chair to…

NP3D View

looking good ((that 3dnp things mad hey)if i could get it to work)

Nice model, maybe some materials won’t hurt :smiley:

Aidan I believe Z. already warned you about your signature…


Oh man, I totally forgot about that 3DNP thingy. I’m gonna use it more often.

Btw, the canon looks cool, pretty origional.

New update, now AO turned on! The textures comes at the end. (The link is same as the first, I don’t save the old ones)

Here are the new update

Here’s a pic to you who don’t wan’t to wait on the NP3D loading:

Here’s another update! Now I got some textures, it doesn’t feel right, but they are placeholders right now. PLEASE C&C!

very cool! :wink:
maybe you can add more details :wink:
the materials are very nice

I’ll put up my final result today. It will be a black&white compisition.
Hope you’ll like it!

OK, i’m done, not touchin’ this canons again! Here are the result: