Big round tank!

Hi all, a few images of my latest project.

See more at my Photobucket thing -

Still some work to do - beefing up the guns, making a few things look more menacing, tidy up some geometry and textures etc… I’m also going to put it in a ‘scene’ with terrain and people and the like.
Might animate it, firing guns, moving about.
I’d also like to do some greenscreen work to put real people in an anim with it…


wow, you’ve got some nice modeling going on there. i think the textures need to be worked on a bit. just so they blend together better and dont stretch as much. good work though ;]

looks like you’re having a lot of fun with this. Nice mechanical modelling. If you are interested, there’s a couple of models which X-Warrior and Alltaken made - possibly worth a look?? The gun barrels look a bit clean compared with the rest of the tank. Are you intending for people to control the tank? If so, can we have a few hatches.

Thanks both, still working on it, gun barrels will be good and grubby, and lots of texture finessing to do - not bad though as my first serious attempt at UV mapping…



lol I like it.

Dunno about the missile racks at the sides though… they don’t seem to have anything of the styling of the rest.

And I think the specularity is either too hard or too soft… it’s not quite right.

well, since its your first UV mapping attempt. its really good ! if you have any questions please be sure to ask. i have a tutorial up here on UV mapping also check it out here

i really like it. how did you make all of the holes in the machine gun part?
my 2 points are:
1.the texture is cool, but i don’t get why there are a couple of splotches of green and yellow on the sphere tank, it looks like a paintball gun shot it
2.the second gun, the one that looks like the beack end of a missile, looks to simple when compared to how detailed the rest of the model is, i suggest you just adda couple of small fidgety gadgets onto it