Big spaceship WIP

I am in proces of assembling a moderately large spaceship. These images are just to showcase the building blocks. When I feel I have enough, I’ll move on to the final assembly shape.

All pieces, like this door are group instances. That means every door has the same text. Every part of the ship will be “R 8” unless I can figure out a workaround.

This screen shows the building blocks for big rooms, like hangars. I was trying to design usable stuff for any room, but I ended up with this impersonal look unsuitable for most types of rooms. (a lower ceiling might already help, but then the lights might be to bright)

One way you could solve your R-8 dilemma is by doing multiple groups with re-used components. Here is an example:

here I have an object with 3 labels. I group the object with one of the labels as one group, then I add the same object and a different label to a different group.

Here is a link to download the .blend: