Big @ss sketch

Hey ho,

here’s some stuff from a schoolproject from last year. I made some comicpages where my sketches would be the background. I still think my sketches are the most interesting part of all.

My sketches are mostly very messy; drawing over drawing, and each time the paper has to be rotated.

In this big one here I Photoshopped different sketchpages together; in height and width, and on top of each other (to make the result even more ‘messier’). Though this ‘small’ size doesn’t show its full quality, it’ll most likely give you a good idea.

I also added some other results from the project.

Hope ya’ll like it. :wink:



I like the second one a lot.
The first one reminds me of a trip when I was still in art school to the Ludwig museum in Koln.
In the contemporary art section there was a big drawing much like yours but most of it was just written words.
I was about 16 and didn’t know any better, but we all wrote our names on it :]

very nice
i have a book of illustrations from the warcraft game, it reminds me a lot of that. the face in the third picuture is very impressive.

ever hear of artist named “SamWise.” this particular work reminds me of him.

your other work reminds me of a guy called Joe DickFace.

:smiley: merry christmas :smiley:

There’s some pretty sweet concepts in your scteches. I like those forest creatures especially, very charasteristic.

WOW! :o

Now there´s a guy that doesn´t waste any paper.
Filled to the brim. Nice stuff too - I love doodles like that.
Thanks for showing them to us.

Tuig (short for Vliegtuig) :wink: - The second one (with the figures) is on of the 3 comicpages (endproducts).
I just had the plan to make some comicpages. When my teacher saw my sketches, he really wanted me to use those as a background (as in: I had no choice). At first I wasn’t convinced, but it came out quite nicely.

Wu - what face do you mean? There are like dozens of them? Oh, you mean the bearded guy. I think I was trying to make a Zeus figure.

And your work reminds me of a guy called John Suckmeoff.

Hippie - Thanks dude.

JoOngle - Haha “Thou shall not waste any clean spot on any piece of paper.”
I’ve been saving all my sketches from when I was like 14 or 15 (I’m 27 now). I’m glad I draw small. :slight_smile:

yeah i ment the dude in the back, but all the characters are cool, especially the naked chicks with big cans.

also looks like some of Brian Frouds work too, the bannana and bata characters.

very decent stuff!

and thanks for the john suckmeoff comment i’m a big fan of his work so this is a real thrill! :smiley: also did you get to check out the work of jimmy meatpole his work rocks as well.

Very good, It is a good Idea, I’d like. Still with it! bye!