Big Star Trek Picture 26th century thread...


I’m experimenting with one of my models using backdrops and using camera for movement. This is one of the results. I would love some feedback.


Vivienne Anthony

This looks fantastic. I think that there should be a little motion blur behind the ship to give it the appearance of motion.

Maybe make the edges of the ship against the backdrop a little blurred, to slightly blend it in with the background.

I think the problem here is a too-bright sunrise on the planet and not enough light on the ship.

I like what I can see of the ship design.

There is a problem with the materials on the ship. So I am doing the materials over. It allows me to have a high light source for specularity and glossy tiled look on the ship that fits the environment better and for animation purposes. I have been working setting up a animation environment with a warp effect.

Same problem here - too much white in the environment. Painters say to never use white or black, ever. I wouldn’t go that far, but you can’t put tones in your background that compete with the subject of your picture.

I changed the node settings. This is the result maybe its better. I tried to tone down the background. Now I have to change the ship materials to what it needs to be.

This is some gorgeous work you’ve done on this thread, Vivienne. I especially love the one of Magellan going into the sunrise. It’s really stunning.
Can’t wait to see the finished animation. I hope you’re doing this as a short or longer series or something. The modelling is really great, and you have a wonderful eye for space gorgeousness.

I went back over the model. This is a rough unedited copy. I toned down the effects and darken the streaks. The hull have the required specularity and gloss which was not appearing before.

Thanks. I uploaded a unedited rough draft taking into mind other people comments and responses.

Here are two more ships I made. Meet the Arcasin’s. I have in the picture the freighter and light cruiser. I’m going start working on the animation with full effects minus the galaxy class. I thrown it in just case.

Here are some pictures of updated models. Some from animations.

Your models and textures are very good. How long have you used Blender?

On the pictures of the ship going into warp drive, I’m really surprised at the difference the stars being turned blue makes.

Also, as far the “never use black or white”, isn’t that far off. If you go outside on a normal, sunny day and look at shadows. They may look grey versions of whatever they are being cast on, but they have a blue tint to them because of the sky. Also, in general, there are no “absolutes” in real-life. If you think about, I’m guessing every point in the galaxy has at least a little bit of light, because of the far galaxies and stars that may be unseen to the naked eye. Also, think of dirt on a white peice of paper. That would take away some of the white. The paper is also not perfectly white to begin with. Maybe take blacks and white and tone them down miniscule amounts, like “1.0” white to “0.99” white or less.

Just me babbling on.

I was finally able to render a model I couldn’t for months. So, I would add details but since I animating. I will do that in part 2.

Here is a drydock I made in the past. I added a few details etc for a more futuristic look.

Here is a update of the Origen Cruiser,

I finally received my memory so I can render. I’m trying to play with camera speed and angle. What do people thing of this?

I’m focused on camera speed and angle

This is the additional WIP.

Some very nice work, here. I really like the “still” pictures; they look rather gorgeous. The streaking star motion pictures still seem like the ship is getting lost in the background and doesn’t pop with the appeal/beauty like the still pictures do. I think that might be partially due to the design of the ships in Star Trek, though, lol. But there is a definite improvement with how you darkened the streaks, etc. Personally, I’d say the big brown camera spot/blur things need to be reduced (and/or have less of them) - I think they are detracting from the focus on the ship. Also, I’d try making the ship take up more of the shot, perhaps, but I know finding the right balance/composition to portray the feel you want with pics like that can be really hard and take a lot of experimentation (in my personal, experience, at least.) :slight_smile:

As for the dry dock animation, I think the 1/2 speed one helps give the feeling of it being a larger scale. As for the angle; I’m not sure yet, it might depend on what you are showcasing (a ship inside?) - but I do like that it’s not just moving on a 2-D plane.

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

I made a few updates. I think I was going do a ship going into the spacedock. I want to use the Magellan but its too small and it would be a distraction.