big steaming dump of sketches

Well, that’s a big, steaming dump of quality work. I like the style. Post more (in another thread, or thumbnailed!).

Nice. I’m guessing you start off with pencil drawings and touch up / colour in photoshop or the gimp. I really like the aging accountant dreamming of anarchy. kinda reminds me of the comic-strip in the white-wolf game Werewolf. Can’t remember the artist’s name…

really great stuff. your car geometry could definately use a little work, but everything else is great! i particularly enjoy the bull and the small face studies, you have excellent rendering technique.

ahhaha my avatar…

those look like finished drawings to me not sketches

I love the muscle work, you have a great eye for it.

Keep sketching and posting, fantastic stuff!

Creepy stuff… but it looks like you are doing some muscle study, so good work!

Were the lighting effects done by drawing or digital?