Big thanks LetterRip!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to Tom Musgrove (LetterRip).

I was out visiting a client this morning and we got talking about software. I always take a copy of Blender with me that I can run to show some of the process of 3d Modelling/Animation. Anyway, they have appearently been researching the industry a bit and have run across the zBrush demos. They where very intrigued by the whole sculpting capabillity of it and where curious as to how much it cost, how difficult to learn etc. and do I currently have the capability to use such as system (the future of modeling as they kept calling it). So, without hesitation I popped open Blender, loaded Tom’s plugin and started sculping. I produced a half-assed character in a minute or so and it blew them away! Sold! Sold! Sold!

I DL’d the script when it was first released and played with it a bit. I DL’d again last evening with tablet support and spent a couple of hours with it (happy coincidence I guess). When I first used it, it was a good start with a lot of potential. The current version is absolutely excellent. The implementation is flawless and looks professional (in a menu). The slight lag I experience in sculpting at higher subdivision is most likely due to my machine and/or the fact that python is not exactly known for it’s speed. That being said, I have a fair amount of experience with sculping in zBrush (lags also with high subdiv) and this tool is now comparitive in function (sculping only considered of course). In a very short amount of time this tool has been refined beautifuly. Well done!

Thanks again Tom and all developers who put effort into these things. Thanks also to Ton, et al for providing the platform for inovation and change in 3D software that Blender has become. :slight_smile:

P.S. Tom, I don’t have any money. I hope my sincere appreciation is enough! :smiley: :D’

Have you hugged a developer today? :smiley: