Big thanks to Bartek Skorupa who made the AFX exporter!

Just saved my day as I hit another dead end in Blender. This time it was the compositor, and its inability to tie in to the rest of the Blender system.

Only way is out, right?
No way to use compositor output as texture without rendering it first?

Try that with 4X2400 5k frames that you don’t need rendered at all, but just as an animated textures for the 3d planes. And its sooooo close, it even renders the previews in the background of the node editor and uv/image editor.

It must be so freeking hard to load those on frame change and use as texture for render/view??? The texture selector even has ‘viewer’ in the dropdown…

Sorry for the rant, I can’t comprehend that something so useful isn’t implemented already, being so close yet so far.