Big trouble with modifiers! FIXED

I’d like to create a domino simulation.
While the usual setup is pretty easy and works fine, converting cubes from an array chain is giving me a lot of weird behaviors.
The first attempt has been using array and curve to arrange the cubes along a path.
After having applied the two modifiers, I’ve lost the center of the cubes and the axis of each cubes has changed rotation (and I haven’t found no way to reset the axis - ALT + R here didn’t work).
So, I’ve tried the array modifier only.
Here’s the steps I’ve followed.

  • Cube
  • Actor
  • Array + array applied
  • Separate, all loose parts
  • Play

and the cubes go crazy around the screen

It seems to work only duplicating the cubes by hand.
And if there’s no solution it would be a big problem, since I was thinking to create a huge simulation with a lot of cubes on the scene (do you remember V for Vendetta?)

It would be quite important to me to find a fix for this, since I’m trying to adopt Blender in our daily work flow where I work.
Here’s a preview (the dominoes are too fat here, already fixed in a more recent version)

Now, I hope that it’s just my fault, since I’m pretty new to Blender.
Any tips?
Is there a way to use the array modifier to arrange a lot of cubes in my scene and then using the cubes as dominoes on the GE?

Alt-A will reset the axis and scale (apply scale and rotation). Make sure you do that to all of your objects. Also make sure you hit the “center new” button (in the editbuttons) on all the cubes.

it should play the animation…

Ok, I’ve found it: Ctrl + A

Please, have a look at this page: this is driving me crazy:

Have an example file i could look at?

Did you do ctrl-a on all of the objects? Are your bounds set? it looks like your bounding sphere is rather large, but it shouldn’t matter if your bounds are set to box.

Yes, I did CTRL-A and set the bounds to box.
Here’s the file:

Okay I think you did the following:
-made the cube
-used the array modifier (let’s say 8 cubes in total) with some distance between them
-then aplied the modifier
-on edit mode you selected every cube (one at a time) with Lkey and pressed Pkey
-finally on object mode you played the engine

If I’m right then you forgot 2 things:
-set the bounds of the cubes to cube (by default sphere)
-selecting all cubes search for the button “Center New”, and press it, if not all cubes will have their centers on the same place thus making them collide in a very strnge way

There’s another possible reason for the bug, maybe you resized the cube on object mode, press ALT+Skey to undo this, and on edit mode scale the object, this way the physics will work correctly.

Hope that helps.

I did the right job with the bounding type but I completely did it wrong about the scale issue!
Now it’s fixed!
Thanks Cloud_GL.

The GE play fine now, just one thing I don’t understand is why at the first frames of the animation the cubes jump in the Z direction…

this was the preview render (the link didn’t worked in the first post due to the administrator check)