Big truck hauls

Alright im sry if this is in the wrong section i wasnt for sure where to post it.Alright guys im looking for people to work on a game with me and a few other(about 6)Im looking for coders mainly at least 1 good coder that can code in blender(python).Im looking for modelers,skinners,uv mappers,and terrain builders.I can do almost all that i know how besides code but it would take me like 3 years to model it all.The game is gonna be about ice roads,logging roads,and much more,Its gonna be an online multiplayer game.The rooms will have around a limit of 5 or 6 drivers at a time.I know there are trucking game out there like this but they are not what people want.people wnt to get out of there trucks walk around and talk to other drivers on a multiplayer platform.Im sure blender is the program im looking for and i have tryed many other game engines and blender is giving me the best results.If you want to join the team you have to be able to model low poly(if your gonna be a modeler)And the polys need to be 0-20k and thats pushing it.You need to be able to model chassy and interior.Also be able to skin or uv map.Just pm me or reply to this thread and ill get you in the forum to start posting your work.


im not joing but i just wanna say that a 20k poly model isnt realy low poly, also 1 python coder for the whole game + multiplayer will be hard

Yea im not wanting just one coder i want at least 1 GOOD coder.LOL.So they can teach me.And multiplayer is hard but im sure i have found all the info i need.And its almost impossible to model these trucks under 10k so thats why i say 20k.I have a trucking game thats not bad and the trucks are around 600,000 polys and they have low computer requirments.Also there is no pay to join the team.Just a heads up but if you stick around there will be some form of pay.

oh and you said 0-20k, if someone can make a 0-poly truck i will be amazed xD

LOL na im just saying in that range but they would be coool it would be possible to make a truck out of all vertices.