Big Ugly Ogre Test Movie

Here is my latest…
It’s about 2.9 megs, quicktime mov file.
Testing out the rigging and weights. I think I’m finally getting a handle on how to handle the chains. I added a controller to one side and it seems to work well. Still more work to do tho…
Let me know what you think of it so far.

Added an updated movie…see first post edit.

Nice model and textures, the only crit I have of it so far is the rather strange looking crease on the inside of the elbow areas when he moves that joint tighter than 90 degrees. Looking good!

Thanks! I have made some shapes and ipo’s for the elbows, but I’m still refining them. I need to work out the right angles so it looks good through out the angle. Most of the textures are temporary, I’m working on some maps for thetextures, but the ones there now givee a good feel for color and a bit of texture.

very nice job. love the model the crease is the only problem I see.

Thanks. I’m still working on it. Part of the problem, I think is I made the bicep bulge too much and too soon. I need to tone it a down a bit.
Here is an update. I added some cloth sim to the loincloth area. I need to work on the chains some more.And the maps…and…well other things

Very nice model, indeed! :slight_smile:
On the “jump” animation, the chains go through his breast, just in the start… but that’s the only obvious mistake i can see :slight_smile:
Keep it up

Thanks Tjeiken, I am still working on a control system for the chains. Right now I am using bones with IK solvers. I tried using the curve modifier but the chain was too stretchy. I am now going to try to use a softbody proxy object to give a better feel to the movement.
Here is a little update:
I remodeled the belt and chain, to give a little more control.

Walkcycle looks realistic to me. Didn’t see any problems and the secondary movement looks great.
How did you animate the chain in the walkcycle?

Thanks. Right now the chain is made of bones with three IK constraints. The top one locks the top links to the loop on the collar, the middle ones are about five links down and the bottom ones are about four links from the bottom of the chain. I used some controller bones that are parented to the upper back and the lower back to move the chains with the twisting of the shoulders and pelvis. I can also adjust some movements with these controller bones as well, but it’s not real precise. I can now keep the chains from passing into the chest mesh though.

Great work. What’s really impressive is that the character looks like he has some real weight to him. Somehow the movements match the size to give this impression of weight to each step that he takes. Nicely done.

In that last video, when he steps forward, just before he sets his foot down, there’s a slight pause. It is a little awkward, and un-realistic. Past that, its great.

Thanks, and you are right. I noticed this pause, but I haven’t done anything about it yet. I’m still working on the character. Here is a small update:
I added some shoulder armor, but I still have to tie it in . I tweaked the maps some more as well.

Another update:
I added some more softbody control for the chains.

I think the abrupt downward motion of the body when he puts his weight on his feet looks a littel akward. Maby lessen the effect a little and make it more fluent.

Here is another test movie.
It’s a little over the top but I wanted to see how well the chains reacted. Looks like one is behaving, but I need some more tweaking on the other.

The last walkcycle looks weird. The foot doesn’t seem to be rolling correctly. But after reading your post it seems that you did this deliberatly so just ignore the comment.

A new little clip. Added some "muscle"motion inthe chest. The chain on the right of the character has been re-rigged. I still have to do the left one. Whatcha think?

Great work!

Thanks Woodman5k, I’ve rendered another test. This one with both chains rigged properly, it required very little tweaking. I also added some eye controls and blinking controls, although it’s hard to see from this distance.