big update on the weird planet(ScottishPig's habour arrived)


i’ve just updated my page. there are 5 new pics in my gallery and i finally uploaded
ScottishPig’s habour (comments will follow…)

tell me, what u think :slight_smile:

oh, u can find my pics in the top row of the gallery section and u can’t miss sp’s habour when clicking on guest gallery… have phun on


your site is getting better and better (and not only for the ‘guest’ artworks, also for yours :slight_smile: )


Thank you. It is with both pride and predjudice that I humbly accept this great prize of a all expenses paid gallery on a notable site.

Without all the bullshit, Thanks, kero. You do me great justice.

Good site, lots of good art, and, without further adieu, a wonderful guest gallery.

OK, someone tell me what is the f$"$"/%"/ing deal with tripod. I tried to view the animation and only got their smelling pub. I usually can manage if I can copy/paste the URL directly in my Browser but with an image as link…

Sorry, but they really got to me this time…