BigBugBunny rerendering / possible?


I would like to rerender BigBugBunny in 1920x1080 with 50p and maybe 60p in the future.
I find on the website in “Downloads” the “Entire Studio Backup (Over 200 GB)”.
If I download this and have blender installed on a Mac 10.6? Win7? current Ubuntu?
could I then open the project, change the render settings to 50p / 60p and have it generate the pngs or other stills with that frame rate? (I’m aware that it possible takes a long time to render the stills).

If somebody who is experienced with blender and possible the BBB Project could evaluate if this should work before I try to download that would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Background: I work in the AV industrie and we work a lot with 50p (!) content. For testing purposes I would love to have a natively generated version of an open source movie with lots of movement (like BBB) that we can show and broadcast without copyright infringements etc.


Afaik, you’d need to make sure 2 use an apropriateley old version of Blender. I’ve heared they used lots of py-constraints in the BBB-rigs, all of which are broken with recent blender versions due to all of those python-API changes.
Btw., are you sure this should be posted in “Blender Tests”?

greetings, Kologe


ok, I will try to find the blender version BBB was created in back then to make sure its compatible.
Did not really know where else to put this thread… suggestions?

big Bugs Bunny… lol

Yes, it’s best to download Blender 2.46 and render it with that.

wouldnt you have to render each scene and then put the movie together and re rendering it would take days maybe weeks or months idk

:edit: oops double posted sorry

I would say technically it’s not possible.
they used a render farm, setups that were specific to the movie,
even with the right build you may have little hope of putting together the whole thing.
first I would check with bbb team that the files are good & which files to render & in what order.
I don’t think it’s as simple as get the right file press render & you get the whole movie.

I disagree here, I did some test renders once (on a simple Quad Core computer) and the render time/frame in Full HD was not bad (20 mins if I remember correct). Sure that depends on the scene as well. But I think it’s possible to re-render the thing with a few decent quad core computers and 6GB Ram (I think you need 4 at least for the files.)

And people please read his first post, he sais that he is aware that it probably takes a long time. :wink:

maybe your right,
I guess it could be done, I would struggle to render it on my machine.