Bigfoot found, is it a hoax?

“Two Georgia men claim to have found in the northern woods of that state something that has been often reported but never proven to exist: a Bigfoot. They say they have a body, photos of the body, and DNA evidence — some or all of which will be revealed this Friday, Aug. 15, at a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif.”

I’m willing to bet it’s a hoax, and that those two (US) Georgians are mentally handicapped.


thats fake…look you can see its just a mask and an Ape Suit
and HIGH FIVE on them being mentally handicapped.

Cor that is so sad! Well it has to be hoax I reckon.

I love the caption “Thawed creature in freezer”. Unfortunately, this is most likely a hoax. I think they are just doing it for the publicity. That said, I’ll gladly eat my words if it turns out to be real. I just wish there were better quality images. I guess I’ll just have to wait for more info.

The Bigger question is: If it is real, when will Big Foot hunting season open in Georgia and what will be the take limit? This thing would make a great fur coat, you would barley need to sew it at all.

A local lady claimed to have capture a “Moa” - an extinct giant bird for some many many years ago. After a whole heap of publicity - it turned out to be a “mower” with peacock feathers stuffed in it.

To answer your question, yes, it’s a hoax.

I saw Chewbacca in Georgia once. :slight_smile:

This was a couple states over…

It does look fake.

Though there’s been many reported sightings of Bigfoot, is he a discovery waiting to happen like the recent huge Gorilla population found in Congo?

Congo’s somewhat isolated and unexplored. Georgia… I think they would have known by now.

Only during black powder season. Sorry, no bows and arrows. I think the limit should be only one per season, how many coats do you need? :evilgrin:

you would think a georgia bigfoot would have less hair, i hope he has air conditioning. ( that looks like a bear skin to me )

It is a little known fact that the southern bigfoot population has long since mingled with the human population down there. He’s not extinct, he just evolved into the redneck. There are a few individuals of the pacific nortwest subspecies left but alas they are undergoing the same intergrading process as the southern variety. I give as my proof Oakland California.

While there’s no doubt in my mind that Bigfoot exists, this looks like it might be just another hoax.

I found this earlier:

Of course, there’s the chance that it’s an odd coincidence, too. I’m just gonna wait until it’s officially labeled a hoax.

Cor you could have just let the tension build for a while and added some theatrics. Your conclusion format is quite the woodfire with a log missing.

I’ve had bigfoot.

too gamy.

I don’t think it’s a fake, and it’s not an ape mask… no one is studying the images, I saw it on the news and if you hear what they say it’s quite unique.

Monkeys have hand shaped feet, this has human toes. Monkeys have pointed teeth… this has human teeth…

I don’t believe in evolution, but I do (kinda) believe it’s real. And they were’nt bigfoot hunters!

I don’t believe in algebra.

Oh, no. They’ve killed Sparky :frowning:

I don’t believe in algebra.
I don’t believe in Santa Claus. However I do believe in Santa Hitler, a lesser known holiday figure who comes while you’re in the depths of despair and gives you a great reason to hurt people for no reason.

‘He knows when you’ve been drinking… he knows you’ve got brown eyes and hair… he knows when you’ve committed mindless hate crimes, so pretend your race is superior to all others and wear the ugliest hairdo/mustache combo ever for goodness saaaake. Oh!’

I do love the holidays. Sorry everybody, I have strep throat and I’m high on cold pills.