This is my Dodge Charger made in bigfoot style. There’s no textures yet, just simple shader.
It is prepared for rigging. the next step…
Hope you like it


That’s pretty cool! I wanted to try making one myself a month or so ago, but i couldn’t find any good references for the suspension :no:

This is awesome, alex.stuff! I love monster trucks, so it’s great to see detailed projects like this. Can’t wait to see how it progresses!

By the way, NID Graphics, this is a good site for reference images of real life trucks:
Granted, it can take some time to sort through everything, but if there’s a specific truck you’re looking for, it can probably be found.

Dan Patrick’s site also has some helpful references:

I like it, because there are so many details! As usual I am in conflict with the way fenders are meshed in blender and especially here on BA and especial on the front fender. The mesh on the tire side is a bit irregular. I independent suspension is unsuited for a bigfoot. They are slow, off-road vehicles and thus drive better with a fixed axle. Also rigging a fixed axle is “interesting”. I though bigfoots (bigfeet) have a mid-engine (grave digger?). But your’s look cooler.

Hey NID Graphics, nobody needs to know that isn’t exactly like a real one. Search on google for many references you can, just try it!
It’s basically cylinders, put them in position as you see on photos, you can! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much James, I also love monster trucks and this one I intend to animate it!
I’ll take a deep look at your links!

Thanks for notice!
I confess that I can cheat with modeling but I will have to work around to rigging. For me is impossible to make perfectly without a technical drawing.
But I’ll try to do some tweaks watching truck movies and getting better images references.

Hey guys, here it go some pictures of suspension movement.