Bigger Axis Band?

Hello, i don’t know how to call it but when you’re modeling in let me say Cinema4d you can
move the Verts even when you’re not on the axis band, is this also possible in Blender?

I made a screenshot and for now i can only move the vert when i move my mouse into
the circle, this makes me mad sometimes. So can i move the edges, verts and maybe other things also when i am not in that circle? Maybe bigger axis bands or something like this would help, i dont know.

I hope you guys can help me.

Change the Manipulator Hotspot value in the User Preferences


Wow, thank you very very much :slight_smile:

Alternative, just press G. Seriously, Blender doesn’t shine until you start using the hotkeys.

I would but some hotkeys don’t work with the Maya Preset, maybe I should try to take over some Maya hotkeys into
the standard Blender Preset.