Bigger color picker

Is there an option or add-on to make the color picker bigger?
I’m having a hard time picking the exact color.

In the properties ( Left window) you can use Ctrl+scroll wheel click to enlarge everything…same in the node editor…( it’s just the zoom function like in 3d view)

Cool, I did not know that.

But I was wondering if it’s possible to make the color wheel bigger for more precise color picking?

The colour picker pop-up can’t be enlarged on its own. It’s more of a two-step process…

  1. Enlarge the properties panel/window (whatever it’s called) and
  2. then click on the colour chip.

The picker will now come up enlarged.

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Ok thanks!

Would it be difficult to make an add-on to do this?

It’s not possible to write custom gui widgets in Python for the blender gui-kit. It is not exposed in the API. It’s only possible in C which would mean you need to compile your own version of blender.

So it’s not possible to do it as an Addon.

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Ok that’s a shame, but thanks for the info!