Bigger on the inside better effects

So yeah. I have bigger on the inside stuff working on this TARDIS thanks to another tutorial. I just wanna know how to make this work dynamically. Like the camera moves to the left, the angle on the camera changes.Things like that…

Simply put, What I want is there to always be a straight line between camera A and B. Camera B, the one inside, needs to always face away from camera A, and depending on the distance between the two, change the FOV(More closer up and less farther away.)

I know it can be done with drivers, And i’ll mess with them until someone answers or I figure it out.

Think I got it. Horray.

nevermind. I think I have the right idea but the camera’s rotation is way to large. Is there a way to put a dampening on it or something? This is my setup:

So yeah… It’s there. The camera rotates when either one is moved, and the min/max rotation is 45. It’s just to much rotation at once. It’s at either max or min never between.

I have no idea what your trying to do but I’ve thought threw bigger on the inside effects but never actually tried it. I think if you added your TARDIS Exterior on one render layer, and the interior on another, if you add an object inside the exterior on another layer (not a renderlayer), you could use that layer as a mask layer (just look in the renderlayers panel). You could then use the alfa for compositing and when you move and rotate the camera the interior should follow properly.

If I get it to work I’ll probably make a tutorial.