biggest city ever made for bge

I’m asking this for inspiration for a project I’m working on just to see how far the bge can be pushed ,what’s the bigggest world,city,maze,ever created in blender and I mean a decently modeled and textured game.

I actually saw this, it’s a huge massive stone city that is like 20 million verts, the price was $499. Can’t seem to find it.

Are you asking about the biggest city prop that was used in the BGE? If so, I’m not sure, since most people wouldn’t use their Blender-made props in the BGE. In other words, just go find a city or building model, duplicate it until you’re satisfied, and plunk it into the BGE - see how it runs.

Here is a big list of large city areas.
wow some of them get expensive the most expensive is 7k