Biggest GPU jump/leap/hop?

Hey all, first post here. Gotta love blender!

I was just wondering what everyone’s biggest leap/jump/hop/skip/step you’ve made with your GPUs?

For the past few years I’ve sludged around with a:
Dell Dimension 3000
Intel 82865G Graphics Controlller (IGPU) w/ 96MB Ram (2003)
Intel P4 2.8
256MB PC3200

Within the next few weeks I will be acquiring this:
Asus G2S-A1:yes:
Nvidia 8600M GT w/ 256MB ram (May 2007)
Intel Core 2 T7500 2.2
2G PC2-5400

Technology wise, I figure this to be about a 5-8+ year increase GIANT LEAP in performance since the Intel was probably mid-low range when I got my Dell.

blender will be so much better–no that’s an understatement!!! in fact I don’t think words can describe how much better my new lappy will be… :eek:

If you can get it, I would suggest a minimum of 512megs of ram.

Congratulations, I bet you are really happy to get an update. sounds like a nice setup

For starters, welcome to the forums dude.

As I’ve always had to run graphical apps, I’ve kind of gone in a bit of a curve as concerns gpus, as my first was a riva tnt back in the day. Then a geforce256, and after that, a couple years later a ti4200. Another couple years went by in which i actually didn’t need much of a gfx card. Latest card now is an overclocked 7900gs.

But I’m certainly not one of the real enthusiasts who get a new card with each series release, as I’ve let a few generations slide by inbetween. I missed the 6 series days of nividia as I was in India, and have only just returned in the last days of the 7 series, with the 8 series being prevalent.

The 8 series is a bit of a performance let down for some, only picking up at the 8600gts level. The 7 series counterparts from the 7600gt down pretty much match or beat the 8 series for speed. Not sure about laptop chips though. I’m sure you’ll be happy with yours though :slight_smile: Just wondering what you’ll think of Vista, as I assume that’s what you’re running.

I’d go for the 8800 GTX if you can afford it. I got one and it’s performance is amazing.



The latest and greatest you can get in a notebook right now is the 8700M GT. As it says on wikipedia, it is basically a overclocked 8600GT. The only major difference is the shader clock (which you can’t really change). Maybe in a few years, when I find the need to have a decked out desktop, I’ll get whatever is equivalent to the 8800GTX now…

Dan: I’ve played with Vista a tiny bit on some friends computers as well as the ones at the retail stores… That lappy comes with the “premium” version, so I’ll probably give it a try. If I don’t like it I will probably dual boot to ubuntu or something of the like. I just wish that MS didn’t charge so damn much for their product-especially for what you are getting!

Well, the 8800 GTX is pretty expensive, and it only shows it true powers in high resolutions comparing to the GTS 640mb and 320mb versions. If I would have to buy a dx10 card, it would be a 8800 GTS 320mb.

yeh the 8800 gts 320mb is a good performer - faster than its 640mb brother. Can also be overclocked to get pretty close to the 8800gtx stock performance.

rather go for a 8600GTS with a passive heatsink - it’s much better than a GT and not as expensive or electricity hungry as a 8800.

2 cents :slight_smile:

I have conducted a few tests so that when I get my new lappy, I will be able to compare them.

PC Mark05:1714
3DMark05: 0 (Can not run any of the tests)
3DMark03: 151 (I could only run one of the tests)
3DMark01: 2954 (No Pixel Shading)
3DMark00: 5381 (No Pixel Shading)

Got a 16mb ATI Rage 128 Ultra and if all goes well I’ll get off my friend a 256mb Nvidia 5200/5500. Not sure which version though but it doesnt matter, anything is better then the current. Its amazing that the Sims 2 even loads or anything at all on our shitty card :smiley:

Got the laptop last Friday and have been lovin’ it since! Definitely worth it!

Here’s the results:
PCMark05: 5615
3DMark06: 3920
3DMark05: 8113
3DMark03: 13290
3DMark01: 25729

It feels so cool to install a program in two seconds rather than a minute or so!

Someone, previous post–I think Dan, mentioned something about what I thought of Vista. Well, other than not being able to install my Creative mp3 drivers and be using half of my 2gbs of ram, it hasn’t been too bad. One thing that is bugging me in blender is when a menu goes to dissapear, it takes awhile for it to go away (it starts at the bottom of the menu and works its way to the top)? Does anyone know why it does this?

Now I’ll be able to get my blender projects done quicker! Yay! :slight_smile:

I guess I better update my sig!