Biggest project i ever finished

This project (a marble cutting and treatment plant in India) was completed in less than one month. Everything from ground up (except for the trucks and the cars) was modeled from scratch in blender, using cad views and words from the client as refenrences. This was done by one man (me) and blender. I just want to share it because it was the biggest project i ever accomplished, and damn me if i asked enough money for it…anyway blendering can be fun even if it’s work. I don’t say it’ the best thing you’ll see around, but it’s big and done by one man on an open source software, and that is a big point from my point of view. So here are a few screenshots, and below a link to the whole animation (hope download will give you decent speeds) which is around 10 minutes long. The client simply asked for a plant to be pre-visualised, and the plant processes are outlined in the animation and commented in english: there are several minor errors here and there, things i hadn’t the time to fix and stuff like that, but hey…have fun (?), and leave a comment, and kudos to the blender team :slight_smile:

Uh…and for those interested, contact me via, or my own website

Very impressive work! Congratulations on finishing such an immense and complex industrial animation! I did notice some of the anomalies you mentioned, and none were significant enough to really detract from the work. I could give some blendering crits, but I’m guessing you don’t plan on improving it further. As long as the customer was happy, then you’re set. You might consider ironing out the “wrinkles” for your own portfolio/demo reel, tho. Could be something to help sell further work down the road.

I liked the lighting. The combination of soft shadows and sunlight thru the skylights worked well, tho it could be a bit more vibrant, color-wise. The narator’s voice was very mesmerizing, and you could tell it had been patched together in post. Would’ve been better to have her read the entire script as she was watching the footage to get a more even flow. Also, it would have helped to have some text prompting for the various stages of the process. It almost seemed like a bit of deja-vu in some spots, due to the similarity of the vocal descriptions. Titling would have helped aleviate this a bit.

Any thots on rendering times? Did you do it standalone or on a farm?

Well done, overall, I say! Iron out the bugs, and you’ll have a winner!

Great work,well done!I never seen before so big animation made whit Blender.About money.I can say that,for tree min. good animation prize is about 10000-15000 $.

Rendering this thing was a real hell, i went through respower ( which for blender has very low fees. Anyway i got a lot of “dead frames” (frames that were not rended), so part of them is don in house and part on respower. The project was split in 8 sections, each of 1000-2000 frames, so looking at which frames were dead, launching on my machine, and so on…well, i didn’t have much time to sleep. Anyway, respower is a great thing at that price, give it a try if you need a long animation.
Cheers, and thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

ehehe, look at that purple thing on the central machine in the 3rd image. Wanna know why it’s purple? God damn me if i know, guess aluminium would have been better :slight_smile:
That and animation errors are what i am referring to: i can spot many of them, but having a tight deadline that was impossible for me to fix them. Lighting is a mix: i have a bright sun and HDRI, used yafray and skylight (no GI or photns there). I could light the interior by using blender’s AO parameters and testing 'till i found a decent thing…

:eek: … you rendered this thing with yafray? Yikes! That must have been a long rendertime! I’ve done a couple of similar, tho much shorter, works (see on my website’s portfolio page), but used the basic scanline engine (no raytracing) with spotlight “grids” to simulate AO to get the rendertimes down into reasonable ranges. You were brave to go the direction you chose, especially with a tight schedule. However, the resulting look you achieved came out really well!

Short Stats: Frames took from 5 to 20 minutes on my dual core 2.4Ghz and 2 Ghz ram (iMac)