Bikarjx - Sketchbook

hi there!
im a 3D artist or Ex-3D artist for now.
pretty much doing it for 3 years in 3D stuff in small studio animation and…
i coudn’t really dedicating my time much into 3D-ing anymore now…
normal job and such, but 3D is pretty much my hobby.
soo… here is my sketchbook…
pretty much updating when i got free time.

im making this like 2-3 weeks ago. pretty much unfinished till now.

day 1

day 3

day 5


Cool, the detail on this mech is awesome! Looks really amazing and I love that head piece!

my attempt on making spidergwen with comic shading something like that…
please use blenrig to enable the picker etc.

link to download the file:

day 1 to 5.
i’ll upload the file as soon im able to finish the hand armor.

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gundam barbatos lupus
day 7