bike 3D model

I would like to share a bike simulator (strictly applicable to blender 2.49b only) I’m developing in order to study and verify the (tricky!!!) physics of the bike.

  • If no joystick is connected use the left/right arrows keys to change direction (it actually works as an autopilot in “heading acquire” mode). Arrows up/dn change the speed.
  • When a joystick is connected, lateral stick movements steer the vehicle, and the “throttle” lever changes the speed. This can be regarded as a “stability augmented” manual control.
  • In both cases the “C” key toggles the viewpoint from external observer to rider.(almost integrally drawn from here:

My to do list:

  • improve the environment;
  • add (aircraft-like) autopilot modes: track acquire, nav to point, ecc.;
  • wheel turn rate, currently constant, related to vehicle speed
  • translate program comments in english

Comments and suggestions are welcome.



mb_bike_v000.blend (281 KB)

ok good start but ur bikes lack some basic facilities one would like to have like moving it forward or back manually.moving it left & right is a pretty hard job.what about a driver & falling bike.i mean like the bike from gta sandreas is the perfect bike.

anyway good effort. keep up the good work.

happy blending.

Yeah, I totally agree with you mohd.itqan.

But this is really hard things to do, trust me I’ve tried MANY times to add motocycles to my game, Tire of Fire, but without any success so far… One tip only. You should make the bike a bit slower, becouse when you are “driving” fast, you can’t steer at all(maybe it’s meant to be like that, but I would prefer if you could steer a little bit at full speed). Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

But if you just keep going, I’am sure that this can be a pretty fun game!

Thank you for your comment.
The bike is intended to be representative of a real vehicle. Now since maximum speed corresponds to 10 m/s, or 36 km/h, the steering angle is necessary small, like in the true world.
Notice however a that steering/turning activity is present at this speed, and it can be better appreciated from the driver viewpoint (C-key).
In addition, in the current software version, maximum achievable heading angle is +/-360°: when you reach such limits you must reverse the turning direction.