Bike from Gantz manga series

This is something I was working on, then abandoned. Now I’m getting back to it, a bit more mature than I was before (or so I think).

I’m still thinking of a scenario to put this model in, for now I’m just using a reflexive ground (diffuse mixed with glossy) with some white/redish lights to make it look cool. I’ve been focusing attention on the materials and did some minor compositing (color correction and blur/glare effect).

I did this based on a model from the manga series named Gantz. Most refference images we can get are from miniature toys, most of them sold on ebay, since the manga itself gives little emphasis on this awesome idea they had.

Since I’m pretty raw on 3D (first contact with it was end of 2012) I would really appreciate some advice on how to get it better.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: