bike game

hi everyone,
does anybody know how to make the bike & the character follow the wheels (rigid body) that are moving on a slope ? i ve tried linking but it does also work with rotation (i dont want my bike to spin around its front wheel…)

I also couldn’t find how to do so that the wheel turns along only 1 axis…

if anybody had a clue, that would help me much…
thanks in advance



gee, that’s a useful answer %|…

I’d suggest faking all of it, really. Even if you were able to limit the wheel’s rotation to 1 axis, it’d still react like a sphere. Also dynamic objects currently can’t be parented together, so if you use a rigid body (front wheel) as your dynamic object, all the physics and collision detection will work on only on that object.

I’d say have a standard (non-rigid body) sphere dynamic object, use RotFH to align it with the ground, and just have the bike’s wheels be children of that object. You can use a python script (search the forum) to make the wheels turn based on the bike’s speed.

Lol, Check out the BlenderSources program and check out the blend section when you run the programm. You’ll see a file called “bmx street.blend” that file contains a bmx game, you can use it to make your own :stuck_out_tongue: