bike thieves

and this is what happens when your nice to them.


…lol. Glad to learn that some funnys can be spotted when your bike gets nabbed. I’ve had x2 bikes go for a wander on their own . . . and at least one I “stole” myself. Well what goes around comes around you know. I also saw one bike get stolen before my eyes, it was a crappy bike and no I didn’t like the owner so I didn’t give him the scoop that I saw his bike get stolen.

Bike thieves are lower than worm turds. Scum. They should be beaten with steel cruiser handlebars and forced to ride a rusty Huffy on a hilly century. Without bike shorts. They should be forced to eat used mountain bike tires, and to make all their clothing out of rim strips, old sparkly handgrips and tassels, and duct tape. They should be spraypainted pink and dropped naked into a Renaissance Faire.

People can and will steal about anything, there has even been a story or two where someone kills a pregnant women to steal the fetus. why isn’t there a puke smiley?

There’s no limit to how lowly some humans are willing to go.

The images have humor in them, hope the thieves get justice.

My favorite bike got stolen (and it wasn’t even my good bike)… it was an old Schwinn “granny bike” beach cruiser, but I LOVED it. :frowning: Now my good bike (the Cannondale) didn’t get stolen, it got wrecked. (double :frowning: … it’s a very long story).

It is truly amazing what people will steal.

Took over nine months for a crappy Huffy that I found one (drunken) night to get stolen out of the back of my truck only to get dumped around the corner for a neighbor to find and the master thief left an even better one in its place…go figure.


You say that like a bike isn’t worth stealing. I stole an abandoned bike once during a friends birthday party (it was a present from his mother, but she didn’t want to cut it loose herself). He still uses it. I also stole a completely rusted through bike from a construction site and gave it to a friend. Don’t know what he did with it, because the thing didn’t even have a chain or breaks on it.

Wow, it’s amazing how many people have gotten their bikes stolen. I knew someone who got his 700 dollar bike stolen.:no: Unfortunate really.:RocknRoll: