Bike Trail Environment

Here is the latest bike trail model as of 2-8-10. It is rendered using Blender’s GE with GLSL enabled.

I appreciate comments on either my youtube channel, or this thread :slight_smile:

All models constructed by Jeff Bertrand for research
projects in the Hank Virtual Environments Lab in the Department of
Computer Science at the University of Iowa.


YellowTree.blend (767 KB)

It looks nice

Well, neat, “clean” work!
The handlebar is a bit too narrow, maybe?

Looks nice, though if you are making a bike riding simulator, hopefully there could be more interesting terrain or areas to to bike on.

Thanks, I would like more interesting terrain as well, but I am limited to how much detail I can put into the model. All of the streets need to be level so I can’t really put in any hills. I did put small ones in between the streets, but they are off in the distance

i really liked the idea ,kool graphics and light at least they look light hehe!
Gratz so far dude and will be looking forward for updates…
Kind regards,

very good tree models. what is the polycount of trees ?
Will you share blend ?

Thank you. They are based on a tree pack from Marlin Studios. I had to create my own mesh because the poly count of the Marlin models was around 10,000. I reduced it to 354 for the GE.

I attached the .blend to the first post.