bike wip / comission

  1. Origional image requested to be made into 3d.
    2-8) slow but steady progression on the bike.

background image… ive no ideas on…
image 8… need to tweak the molding shape of rear fender detailing… and shorten the susension… but will be done on another update… going on a vacation… so im posting whats done so far.
opinions apreciated

Compaired to the original sketch, it looks to me as if the front fender and windshield, as well as the air intakes, seem to be too tall. And the windshield is too small as it is now and would not extend down the side of the body like you have it, but quickly arcs and ends so that the handles can stick out (see “9/11” sticker). Not sure exactly what the two pipes are sticking out of the rear side intakes, as they do not appear on original image, but it looks like you have yet to put the gas tank on the bike, the part of the original image that has the decal “Behind Blue Eyes” under the front intake. Also the back of the front indate needs to be rounded and THEN molded to the front fender/windshield (see part of original that is to the right of the “VCL” sticker) On the back fender towards the rear there looks to be a pannel that folds up and onto the rear seat area next to the ripped panel on the back, but in the mesh you have it make a dip, then a rise and back down, with no fold to connect to the main bike body (refer to the “Biffle” sticker for area). Guess that’s enough for now. Overall though you have done a great job of taking a sketch and making into a real object, keep it up!! Can’t wait to see you do the cat girl.