Here’s our bike model.

It’s not finished yet, but source file already could be used under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (used blender version: 2.45).

I planning to add IPO driver for controlling of handlebar and do misc tuning during animation process.

Enjoy! Critique are welcome.


morevna-bike.blend (714 KB)

Hmm not sure if you meant to or not but… take a look at the attached pics…

Used to be one of my fav games too :slight_smile:

Although, nice job on the bike!


Dude if you gonna use it as openware - I’d love to use your bike. Ofcourse I may have to modify somethings so it’s not traceble to it’s commercial origins . . . but with your permission only.

Well… :spin: Lets say, we were highly inspired by this game during the modeling process. embrassed

Specifying Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution as license means what you already have our permission to use, modify, etc. Only condition - is to keep attribution to the authors in derivative work.
Also it will be appreciated if you notify me about the results of your work. :eyebrowlift:

No worries dude. I’ll probably start on the bike sometime in the future, but I will let you know how your mesh is being used. Keep blendering!