This is my bike:

Large Version

Rendered with Blender 2.5, internal renderer.


Nice beautiful render man
i like it

How does it stand up :eek::confused:
Just wondering :eyebrowlift2:

looks like a fixie with a brooks sadle, but those pedals look way to clunky…if thats your real bike, then thats a pretty cool vintage style you’ve got. otherwise, thats a cool vintage image you’ve got… i’d probably like the handle bar in the bullhorn style personally though…

Wow, dangerous bike, how do you brake? :eyebrowlift2:
Nice render!

Clean and simple:)

I think, some parts - like wheels - would need a refining. I would not dare to ride this bike;)

It’s a single speed, foot brake bike. That’s why it has no visible brakes or gears. As guessed saddle is Brooks. I’ll probably put some nice handlebar tape on and lose the rubber handles though.

Admittedly, the real-life equivalent of this bike is not quite as shiny and nice. The frame is quite old and scratched, but the good thing is that it’s less likely to be stolen :wink:

god is that one of those old school bikes you have to pedal backwards to brake. My granddad had one of those brings back memories. but the wheels are bit lumpy in some parts though


Very nice modelling. Nice all round. Only tiny crit the tyres and rims
do not seem perfectly round. Might just be me? :wink:

Kindest Regards,


Shouldn’t it have a kickstand? Or something to keep it from falling over?

Not all bikes have kickstands, mostly top-of-the-line bikes don’t.

Would be cool to see more speeds available. In my opinion, it looks far too new! I’d rather see it covered with dirt and scratched standing against the wall of an old house :D.

single speed bikes with the most basic brakes have gotten a bit of a rekindled fan base these days, as courier bikes and for people looking for a so called ‘pure’ bike… i dont have one but i can definitely see the attraction of a very minimal bike

very nice :slight_smile: