Bikers World

well I am going to be making a multi player game where you download it and users from around the world can login and play. It will be modern time because I am making it for a company I work for that makes choppers, in it you will get guns beable to drive cars choppers, ride bikes, weild, fish, hunt, PK (player killing) and a lot more! On specal events such a christmas we will be droping santa hats and members will beable to get full santa out fit! so would you play it? It is called Bikers World our site is or


That sounds cool!

It’d be extremely hard to make right now, but it is possible!

Need any non-python help? I can do it!

k man I will give you a link to our site soon because we are probably getting a new URL. With this do you want to do graphics? Thats if u want to help if you want to go with us all the way I will but eather your real name or what ever you want your name to be under staff.


This can aply to anyone we are looking for more people to help with the game it would be nice if ya know some python script too but we also need graphic designers!


Well I guess I will get the URL out, we will be getting a new one soon though… hope fully, right now we are looking for people to join that know blender and if you stay with us all the way through (but if you don’t too) we will put your name on the site’s staff page, We are also undergoing updates to the forums and main site!

So far I have just made 1 head:


I probably will make the minority of models, but I still would like to be a part in this!

sounds like it could really turn out to be a good game. i could help with the level/object modeling and texturing. also i can make some python scripts, exept for any multiplayer link-up stuff, i haven’t even tried expirementing with that sort of stuff. well anyway, i would be glad to help any way i can

my e-mail is [email protected]

nice simple head…

I’ve been busy, so the head is as far as I’ve gotten…

I’ll try to do more, but I have to do some stuff first.

The game won’t realy be levels kinda a world…

i meant like buidling trees, benches, cars, parks, houses, stores, lamp posts, roads, clouds, and that sort of thing

you know like objects, i’m not very good at making people or creatures, but i can make objects of many different shapes and sizes

awsome so do you want me to put ur name on the staff list (if ur helping just tell me and I will)

i’m all for it, i’ve never done a group project thing before in blender and i’m really interested in helping

sign me up:D

ok the link for our site is somewhere up above lol or the staff page is under community and your name is under graphics and maps

how do i “register”

Maybe he means the forum?

yea, thats what i mean, it won’t let me look at anything until i register, but i can’t find a place to

nevermind, i found it %|

sorry about that it’s late here

we havn’t got the game register set up yet…

another thing I forgot to tell every one there will be a free users and members, members will cost $5 a month, but STAFF will get to be a member FREE!