Bilboard with square pixels/leds.

i know i can do a billboard with a grid and a halo texture , but i want to make a billboard with square leds or pixels not round like the halo ones.

How can i do that ?

If this is what you looking for…
then i can give you a hand. However its not perfectly like a real billboard. There are dots that are half lit (like tiny displays). Basicly i created the dots with a scaled plate and the array modifier. Then i put a black and white image with the text on it, controlled the emit level with it and animated the texture with an ipo curve.
To make it like a real billboard it should work to use a Pixelfont, and scale the resulting texture to the right size, then you have to animate the texture not with one lineare ipo but in steps that fit one sqare.
I can write a tutorial with pictures to make it more clear if you like.

Thanx man , but i dont understand what you mean , if is with halos and a grid and then use a text texture i know that way.

You could just record yourself doing it , its fatser. thanx :smiley:

But what i mean is this in the picture , here you dont really see it , but the leds are squares not rounded.

Sorry, guess i rendered it to small… and to dark maybe.
Here is a bigger image of the first frame, in order to show you that there are just squares.
And there is no Halo Material, its a black and white texture that controlls the emit value.
I do a tutorial this evening,


yeah looks cool , but i see that even you have squares , inside the square there are some rounded parts , its likea tv screen with some subdivisions , if you see the “S” for example , you can see its rounded inside a “pixel” , a pixel its junt on or off , you cannot see a rounded shaoe inside a pixel.

Yeah, i know. But this is just a simple test. I used the Arial font to make the bitmap, so it hase some roundet parts. I do the tutorial with a pixelfont and put more effort into the ipo´s.
That should give you what you need. Just get home from work, so give me an hour or so…:eyebrowlift2:

Edit: will took me a little longer. Its tougher than i thougt. It starts nice but the offset isnt right after aroung 10 to 20 frames. Its all about prepwork and math, but i´m shure i´l figure it out somehow.