Bill (a mechanic)

I’ve been working on this project on and off for a few months now. His name is Bill. He’s a mechanic in the 70s with an impressive clientele. So far I’ve finished the model and rigged it. The animation will show Bill in his shop taking a call from one of his rich customers, then possbily taking a spin in the car. But that’s pretty far down the road. Here’s all I have so far:

I spent probably close to seven hours on the face setup alone. Most of that time was spent learning, so in future projects, it shouldn’t take quite as long.
Here are some shots of my face rig, which I’m proud of, by the way:

Here’s a one second test animation that I did to celebrate and to make sure everything was in proper working order. In the animation, Bill, who is happy to be finished, cries out, I’m done. No sound though. I guess I forgot to give him a voice box…

These aren’t fully rendered animations, but they do show the rig and the movement of the face.

I rendered the short animation without hair. Here it is:


And, finally, I added a little to the animation. He know says, “I’m done. I feel so alive.” Still no sound. This animation doesn’t have anything to do with the project, by the way. I’m just testing the rig.

pretty cool, he needs to shave his chest though :smiley:

his suit is a little too simple IMO, it would probably look better with some folds&wrinkles…

The model looks great–the materials could use a bit more work though. The skin looks unvaried and plasticky, and the hair is a uniform color.

indeed, a proper spec-map can do wonders to the skin, esp together with the sss. :slight_smile:
And the hair can benefit of some color variety also(again, as he said)… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the comments. I should have moved this project here months ago.

+‘´¯)BonE(¯`’+: Thanks. I agree his suit is a little plain, but I already added a lot of shape keys. I’ll try to find a way around it. Maybe I’ll add a shape key to wrinkle it that always stays on.

PlantPerson: Thanks. I tried to vary the skin a little. Though it does lose some detail when I render with AO, I agree it could use some more variation. As for the “plasticiness”, I believe I turned up the spec to see if I could make him appear sweaty and didn’t quite turn it down all the way. I made a spec map, but I think it’s being overloaded by the amount of specularity.

Felix_Kütt: Thanks for the comment. For some reason varying the hair color never really struck me. Thanks for striking me(you too PlantPerson). Also, I would like to use SSS, but it would add much more time to the already lenghty rendering time(I’m doing an animation, remember).

Thanks everyone for the comments. I’ll try to fix the problems when I get back from work, and I might render an animation. I’ll try to find a better host so you don’t have to trouble yourself with