BILL GATES/Artistic Respect

(imatthew) #1

If it is at all acurate there was a film for cable called “Pirates of Silicon Valley” In this story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs you see that really the
idea for windows was iniated by Xerox. At the time a power house corporation. Steve Jobs was allowed to study there prototype for a user friendly interface which was the infantile stage of the windows type desktops we use today.

Apple then developed their own OS which of course not named windows but it is the model that Microsoft used to develope their Windows OS.

Make sense.

The point is where do you draw the line? Where does the learning stop and the plagerism begin?

I think the idea is noble but today it is really complicated. Adobe has won a law suit against macromedia for what it says is their patent on tear off layers.

(acasto) #2

That adobe thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The system has basically went to hell. How can someone patent a tear-off-layer ? It’s a little box with buttons. So much for worrying about you product and too much worying about your dynasty I guess.

As for Microsoft, when it comes to stealing, pirating, and everything else, they have absolutely no room to talk. But no matter who tney have took stuff from in the past, these other corporation I believe will always have better products and technologies. Xerox, IBM, Sun, and even Apple have always made extremely good and advanced products. Especially Xerox and IBM, Xerox just about invented the technology that made the internet possible, and IBM was nearly responsible for the quick progression of the early PCs. Microsoft is not high tech, advanced, or even that great, they are only powerful. As history as shown in the past, having massive amounts of power and holding people through fear and control, not respect, will always lead to defeat.

(theeth) #3

well… The roman empire still hold up a good thousand years…

nice defeat :stuck_out_tongue:


(acasto) #4

yes, but are they here now ?

(Pooba) #5

That film doesn’t really sound acurate…

And I did a history report on the history of the internet, so I would know that Xerox did NOT develop the internet, it was originally started out as a defense system so if the US were in a nuclear attack if one station went down the others would still be able to communicate, called the ARPAnet. Check your history!
Also, no matter how many people hate Microsoft, it isn’t a bad company. Just because it has power doesn’t mean that all their stuff is crap. How do you think they got so powerful? By making good software!
Heck, i bet even you use Windows! :stuck_out_tongue:


(theeth) #6

Well, we might be stuck with MS for another hundreds of years. That was my point.


(acasto) #7

One day we will find the one who will bring balance to the force …I mean the source

(Kid Tripod) #8

haven’t macromedia won a counter suit now as well? something about the blending of images . . .

(imatthew) #9

I thought Al Gore invented the internet. Where did xerox inventing the internet come from?

The way it went was Xerox developed a graphical interface for their copy machines which Apple used to create there GUI for there desk top system.

No I use a MAC and a Linux System.

And I am sorry to tell you that YES Microsoft is crap.

(Dittohead) #10

i hope you were sarcastic when you said that algore, of all people invented the internet. do you know how many lies that man has told.

and mac: the os with the training wheels that are actually square blocks.

and I am sorry to tell you that YES Apple is crap. :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michael Har) #11

The made-for-TV “Pirates of Silicon Valley” was based on a book by the same name. Excellent book. It is a hoot to read. The early days of the PC out soap-opera soap operas. Watch pioneers pioneer and vanish. Watch billion dollar corporations remain clueless. Watch gigantic egos crash and burn.

(acasto) #12

Why do people think Apple is crap. I know some of their older stuff wasn’t that great, but they are making some very excellent products now days. As for the internet, I believe Xerox labs invented the technology for ehternet and network communications, which is the backbone of the internet.

(Dittohead) #13

there’s no software for the mac. mac OS is cheaper but the systems can’t be custom built, so you have to pay more and you have to buy your system from only ONE company, apple. and if you ask me that sounds like a monoply on mac hardware. :x

(Dittohead) #14

if xerox let someone from another company in and look at their un-patented technology then they were just about asking for someone to steal it.

(Cessen) #15

Also, no matter how many people hate Microsoft, it isn’t a bad company. Just because it has power doesn’t mean that all their stuff is crap. How do you think they got so powerful? By making good software!

I must admit that Microsoft does, indeed, make some very nice products (windows 2000, anyone?). However, I would be the last person to say that they have honerable, non-malicious business practices. You see, there is a difference between a company and its product(s). “Good” companies can make bad (useless) products, and “bad” companies can make good (useful) products.

What I dislike about Microsoft is not their products, it’s their business practices.

and I am sorry to tell you that YES Apple is crap.

I disagree. I think that Apple makes some very nice products (OS X, anyone?). The reason that Apple computers generally seem so limiting is because very few companies write software for it (at least, historically). Apple computers themselves are actually quite good.

And I’d also like to say that Apple has better, less malicious business practices than Microsoft. Which is not to say that Apple hasn’t done some “mean” things in the past as well… it’s just that they’ve done them much less frequently.

(acasto) #16

The limit applicaton base of Macs is the only thing that is bad. But let’s say you have a job, such as web or graphics design, to do. If you have the software, then the Mac will do the job. If it dosn’t do the job, then don’t get one, but if it does, then it does it well.

(Pooba) #17

I thought Al Gore invented the internet. Where did xerox inventing the internet come from?

That’s the funniest thing i’ve seen in these posts in awhile, were you being sarcastic or what?

As for xerox, they might have had something to do with it, but they did not “invent” the technology for the internet. Go search it on google or something.


(asdf_46) #18

I think you are wrong about Apple. I will give them a little credit for OS X, but the interface was really bad. Shure it looked pretty, but it still lacks the ability for apps to run full screen. As for there buisness practices I would feel less secure with them in charge than Microsoft. They only have a fraction of the market, but they are more monopolizing with it than Microsoft is. I don’t like eather company, but being forced to use Apple products is Hell. They are incredible limited by stupid ideas that keep popping up, like the finder.

By the way, Xorex was the first to have an eathernet network, It rean at 3 mbit. The Defence group first concieved the internet. And I think it was AT&T that said that packet sending would never work. And Al Gore sucks. asdf_46