Bill(now definitely a mechanic)

It’s been a long while since I’ve started anything new. Since then, I’ve gained a new perspective. I don’t know what happened, but I realized that I was rushing through my work. So I decided to make a head and not rush through it. I’ve put a lot of work into what I have so far, though there’s not much to show for it. This character will possibly be a rastafarian. The face is generic right now and it will remain that way until I have modeled the ears(which I’m not looking forward to). So anyways, here’s what I have so far:

Feel free to comment and crit. Thanks.

very nice mesh, as always. As far as “who” it looks like, it looks like an Asian male, rather than <generalization> your usual black or caucasian Rastafarian </generalization>.

I think it does look like a rastafarian, only without the rastafaris :slight_smile:

It’s looking good

Thanks for the replies.

Saxofoner - I agree with you. I made a few changes:

I’ve been working on this constantly all day. I decided that I didn’t want to make a Rastafarian, but instead make an army sergeant or something. So, in a way, it’s good that I left my head generic-looking in the beginning. So anyway, here is what I have so far of the sergeant. The ears took forever. They probably took over an hour. They still aren’t positioned quite right, but they’re alright for now. Here’s the render:

and here’s the ear:

Feel free to comment and crit. Thanks.

Oh - When you get to the hair - Here’s an idea I’ve had kicking around I’ve been looking for something to try out on…

Use static halo particles (Not your, now, usual hair particles). Set hardness really low and enable shading etc, Play around with the settings. I’m hoping that this could make some really cool looking dreadlocks!

ha! dreads. reminds me of MakeHair from august 2005 - i thought that made good dreads with its built in curve guides and all.

That’s actually a really good idea, hope he implements it.

At first I thought it looked pretty asian, but with the eyes and ears on I definitely see the rastafarian bone structure kickin in. Keep going! :yes:

Woops. I guess nobody saw what I said in my previous post. By the way, how do you change a Thread Title. I’ ve decided that I really wanted to make a sergeant. I’ll start over and make a rastafarian from scratch later.
I know sergeant’s aren’t as interesting as rastafarians, but I truly want this to be a sergeant. Here’s the SERGEANT:):

EDIT - I know this update is very minor, but I made some slight changes and I am going to bed. I also wanted to stress the fact that this was a sergeant. Ok I’m done. Thanks.

edit your first post, and click “go advanced” you can now change the thread title.

Looking sharp by the way. The ears do look a little odd though, maybe it’s the angle.

Thanks a lot bgstratt. The “Go Advanced” button eluded me in my prior attempt. Anyways, this character might become a mechanic, though the sergeant idea is still thriving within the vast realm that is my brain, and the Rastafarian idea still holds a place in my mind somewhere towards the back, so for the time being, this character will be refered to as Bill.

The ears do look odd. I’ll work on them. Thanks for the reply.

I’ve finished most of the texturing. I still need to make a map for specularity and reflection.

Comments and crits are welcome as always. Thanks.

Ah…man. Textures looks good! Im just a noob though, but i think tex`s are ok.

Thanks Marsan. I haven’t worked on this much, but I started on the hair.

Your texturing is amazing, but his brow seems a little smooth, probably just the lighting since it really focuses right there. Oh, n/m, I see your last post about the specularity and reflection. Also the hair it a little thin on top, but it looks great. The texture colors and bump map are just great, I really like it. So, sergeant, mechanic? have you decided yet?

Really great work.

Thanks, bgstratt. I think I’m gonna add some more roughness to his face in general, so I’ll take a look at the brow area. I’ve definitely decided that the guy will be a mechanic. I still haven’t decided whether to make him in the 70s or make him in present day with a few grey hairs on his head. I think I’m gonna go with the 70s, but I’m not sure what hairstyle I’m going to give him. I may give him sideburns. If you have any suggestions as to what hairstyle he should have, let me know. Thanks.

This look might just work:

Very good so far, I can tell he’s more sergeant-esque now. My only crit is that either the nose looks to big or the mouth to small. I’m not sure, either way great work.

I prefer the previous hair length - maybe if there were more particles it might look better. This said - and awesome effort with the particles - it looks fantastic.

Thanks Grenade and bjzaba.

Grenade: Thanks. He’s a mechanic though. I’m gonna change the thread title to make it less confusing since I am sure of his profession. So now I have another question: Is Bill 70s mechanic-esque?

bjzaba: If I had to choose between the two lengths, simply because Bill is in the 1970s, I would choose the longer or the two. But I may change his hair style altogether.

Thanks again for the replies.