Billboard smoke has alpha problems

I’m trying to re-create the smoke tutorial that is from Blender art mag #16 and I’m having issues with the render.

I still see the planes of the Billboard particle… can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
I followed the tutorials to the letter… well obviously I missed something.

thanks in advance


You didn’t miss anything, the tutorial did.

Turn off UseAlpha in the Texture / Image Map panel.

(because the alpha effect is being done in the Material / Map To settings)

Edit: I think… I didn’t double check myself… I may be thinking of the fire tut.

It looks like you will need a blend texture of type ‘sphere’ mapped to alpha.

thanks Larry!

that was it. I thought I was going crazy there for a minute.

I just recently starting using the billboard type for particles and wow! what great and fast results. I find making particles with halo is really hit or miss. Way too much trial and error… pity there are no basic presets for things like smoke or fire.


that’s a good point as well but the tut uses a painted texture layer (b&w) mapped to the alpha… i just couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t take. Turns out the “use alpha” was kind of canceling out the the “map to” alpha. As soon as I turned off “use alpha” (since it had none) it worked.