billboards and particle systems

Is it possible to use a gif animation, mapped onto a billboard, as a moving particle system?
I have not figured it out yet, but maybe some combination of stencils and other created textures with a particle system .I have mapped a gif image onto to the billboard…and I know I can map it with an alpha channel…but is it possible to map and render a gif animation?



Sure it is possible to map a gif to a plane and then have the planes be duplicated by a particle system.

Here is a tut.

Now whether or not blender will update from a gif animation, not sure but I don’t think so. Better off using a frame based video format like avi or mov.

I was hoping to map a looping animated gif to a particle system as a billboard. An avi or mov won’t loop. But if it can’t be done, it can’t be done!
This was a very helpful tutorial you posted. Is there a part two?