billiard ball

Blender 2.49+yafaray


Nice work Julioras.
Out of curiosity, why don’t you use 2.60 + Cycles?

Very nice, only thing the table surface could use some texture, that would avoid the heavy banding.
I find it amazing there are still people using Blender 2.49. And I think changing to Cycles is tough!

thanks for comment I will use when everything is stable

thanks for comment I will do in a table

Nice! I started with B2.49 in summer 2010 and still like to use it occasionally. But I never tryed yafray.
Apart from the slower renderspeed, you can still create great graphics with it. :yes:

I’m always so impressed with your yafaray renders, well done once again.

I’d have to agree that you should really have a better table texture though. What kind of render time was this?

thanks for commenting on the rendering time not spent 20 minutes

It looks pretty good. kinda reminds me of the cover to a blender book.