Billiard Room-King Suite

I’m currently modeling a very luxurious VIP Hotel suite. Eventually many of these renders and animations in this video will be used for a short film I am working on called “Relapse”

After taking a nice long break, I got back to work on The Billiard Room. A great deal of “3d woodworking” went into making this room and I was further challenged because there are no windows in it, so lighting was tough to get right. But I’m really happy with how it came out.

On the pool table animation I used an experimental shadow catcher that is being worked on, and I look forward to using it once I get started doing animations for the short film.

I welcome any thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

Hi Harley

Looking really fantastic, the amount work you are putting in to this is mind boggling. Some things I noticed on the Vid that you may want to look at.

Too much bump on the wood of the table.
Fire does not look realistic in the way it is moving.
Maybe randomize the rotation of the darts a little and maybe make a few stand a bit off vertical as the holes may have worn a bit through use.

Ah nine ball, reminded me of the Tom Cruise movie, the name slips my mind.

All said this is looking really fantastic and the music goes well.