Billiards with Blender

Hey Everybody. This is my first time posting on I’ve been fussing around with Blender on and off for about 4 years now but never really took a good whole hearted shot at a full sized project. I’m really impressed with the work displayed here, and I feel a little out-of-my-league posting here. To think that each one started with a lamp, a camera, and a lonely Little Grey Box… … That prolly got deleted … :frowning: Well its not much but here it is. I like it because it makes me think happy thoughts and it has a somewhat light hearted theme. I used very little textures and not much beyond your basic modelling.Tell me what you think. If you have any questions or comments, I won’t be able to get back to you till around November, but I’d still love to here what you think. Thanks.


I like it and ofcourse a blender symbol livens things up Blender Symbols for everyone!!
…how did the blender symbol remind me of a fish i will never know

I’ll start by saying it’s a good concept, especially for a first post. I especially like your floor texture, very nice.

However, I do think your lighting could be improved. The shadows are very hard (they have sharp edges) now. I would increase the softness of your lights, or increase the number of samples. Also, try turning on Ambient Occlusion to get softer shadows. (Note: for Ambient Occlusion to work, your scene must be visible from the sky, so if your room has a roof, you would have to remove it.)

Overall though, good job!

The blender symbol reminds you of a fish because of those spines that stick out like a fish’s dorsal fins. XD

Just one thing though… the green stick appears to be glowing. :wink:

Yeah. so does the clock It can be hard to make things blend in real well and not make everything stick out too much, that is if you’re not too handy with texturing and lighting like myself. But luckly this time it all came out with a cartoonish feeling…
oh yeah and I agree; the Blender logo has a strikingly uncanny resemblence of a fish. It makes me think of the eye of the fish particularly…

That’s funny, when I thought of it as an eye I thought of it as a bird’s eye… hmm… lol

Definitely man, you really SHOULD post more of your works because they are simply beyond so many works you can see on those pages!
I love your floor material and its dissolvences and think the overall feeling of the image is very good. Ok you can improve it in many ways, but your skill seems enough to do this.

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