Billy Oposto - High Poly version

I want to create a high poly version of my main game’s character.
Here a little concept art (in this concept he are older than in game)…

This model was made using the lowpoly model (used in game)…

Adjust the hair of low poly model (deleting faces)

Adjust head topology

Hand and Foot revisited


But the model not is very clear and similar to the concept/original character, I need advices about what you see odd in this model (maybe the legs…)

The foot looks bloated. You might wanna do some tweaking on that if you’re planning to show them during animation.

Thanks, I’ll fix the foot.
Little adjusts in arms:

Improve the foot, more natural now…

Yeah, I agree with 3dementia. You should go back to your concept and refine it before you model. Or maybe you could have just missed some details. I can see the knee isn’t that prominent so you might wanna work on that if you don’t really intend the model to look like that.


I did a model sheet years ago, but the problem is the clothes…, maybe I’ll again the model sheet but using the 3D model as reference to draw again.
You give me a good idea :smiley:

Your model above does better match this new drawing, more so than the first post did.

mcunha you are set! don’t worry about the clothes, model him with the clothes on!!! Unless you intend for him to disrobe, there is absolutely no reason to model the character without clothes. Download Sintel Lite from Ben Dansie’s Thread and look at how she is constructed. I haven’t done that yet myself, but I am betting there is nothing under the clothes. So really you have already done the hard part, just setup your background images and go to town. You will not recognize your character until he is complete.

Start with the head. I have linked to Jonathon Williamson’s face tutorial on Blender Cookie too many times, the mods will think I am a spambot: Model the loops and massage them slowly, build your character logically and bit by bit. Look at my Train Toon’s Thread and see the steps I take to create the characters.

Your model sheet is top notch. If you setup your background properly and slowly match your reference step by step, piece by piece in all three views, how can you go wrong. Trust me your work is done already. If you are struggling with edge flow and topology, simple stuff like pushing verts around, then you just need some practice. You do not need toes… you need to model those pants drooping just like you drew them abd the shoes under them, but adding your artist’s eye to accentuate the details you have already laid out so well. Don’t try to correct your drawing with 3d though, correct the drawing.

If you need modeling technique, just start at the beginning of blendercookie’s tutorials and watch them all. You don’t really need to actually perform the tasks described, of course when something interests you, try it out. You just need to sit there and absorb the talent and the mindsets of these skilled artists. Jonathon has done the world a great service by sharing his knowledge, as have the others at the cookie. Munch, munch munch! Citizen is well worth the money, and you should really order the kara tut and work through it if you haven’t already.

Of course I have written this to you assuming you are serious about learning 3d, not just blender, but 3d in general. -Don’t just watch this. Buy the dvd’s Ton needs and deserves your money as much as the next man.

Well I hope this helps, you may know all this already, and I may be preaching to the choir. :slight_smile:

Edit: Looking closer at the sheet, yes you need to redraw it. Damn that side view, it is so hard :).

Change the scale of legs, better ???


Thanks, I’ll download to see…


The model sheet show the current work (the boy between 9 and 11 age)

improvements needed

improvements needed

yes…but where ?
for me the model be good, but not perfect…

Improved the legs and ears

The first concept is awesome, my opinion, you should drop the child concept and go for the teen like…!

The character is good , I think it will suite your game.