Binary digits

Well, if you have read any of my other WIPs I tend not to complete them. Hopefully this will be different. Right now this is just modelling/procedurals… No textures yet.

Mostly it is finished. It is a hand that can only give a victory sign (peace or whatever) and can never give you the middle finger.

That is my political statement for the day (actually I didn’t want to take the time to complete a whole hand :wink: )

C&C – also I need ideas for a background or something.

skin looks a little too shiny

Well here is an update. Tweaked the procedurals… I am quite amazed at the result without using textures. Tweaked the finger structure a little as well as the creases…

New lighting…

and voila:

Still need a background of some sorts… Also, I will finish it up with a nor and spec map (fine details/finger prints/etc)

Very nice texturing on that model. From the standpoint of the symbol though, I don’t think that counts as a victory symbol. Handsigns are as much about which fingers are down as about which ones that are up! We don’t know the position of the fingers and thumb that are missing so it would be presumptuous to say what the (also absent) individual intended by the sign. About binary… mathematically this hand is a trinary system because it can represent zero, one and two. :slight_smile:

I think this partial hand would look great in a jar in the lab of a mad scientist… a cloning experiment gone wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: