Binding Bone to Mesh

I am using Blender 2.73A I generally do not have a problem binding the bones to the mesh so can animate the character… Something is not working with this one character and I’ve looked the file over and over and closed it out and reopened it but there must be something I am missing with this one… I compared all my settings to other characters I have done and don’t see anything that is different… am lost this time…
I select the Mesh, Select the Bone, CTRL+P and select With Automatic Weights… I get back the error message
"Bone Heat Weighting: Failed to find solution for one or more bones. This is the way I’ve done all my characters I’ve made…so am missing something with this one… and am not seeing it…

thanks for looking at it for me... what am I missing ?   Appreciate your help

have a good evening
Hippo.blend (1020 KB)

Okay… found the problem and now is working… removed the doubles in Edit mode for the body and now it is working…

thank you
have good evening