Bink video tools

Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone here (besides me) uses the Bink video tools (see
if you render a movie as an uncompressed AVI, and then use Bink to compress it instead of encoding it with DIVX, or something similar, you get smaller file sizes and better looking movies.
Just thought you all might wanna know

I’ve seen/used them

a bit unstable (mostly it seemed due to McAffee virus scan), but looked good
didn’t check into file sizes too much (could get big tho, with very good quality, few minutes for a couple hundred meg iirc)

problem is that the formats aren’t commonly used for widely distributed things. Used a lot in games, sure, but not for, say, anime or pirated movies.

I´ve used it to make screen savers. Actually I was the one that requested that feature for the Bink developers.
“Mobile” Screen Saver (Blender anim):