Hey all, it’s been a while since I posted a serious topic so here is my attempt of my granddad’s binocular.

I haven’t started on the materials yet 'couse I first want the object to be finished.

C&C as usual very appreciated

great modeling!

is there an articulation somewhere? I can’t figure out where it is?

Very nice modeling so far, the only thing I see is an artifact on the top of the left section. Since I assume the two sides are duplicates I would guess that it is a rendering artifact and not a modeling one. I also have the same question regarding the articulation. I assume that it is in the middle but I can’t really make it out in the picture.

Can’t wait to see it textured.

Thnx for the replys guys

the glitch is a plane that I forgot to remove… already taken care off

sorry but what do you guys mean with “articulation” my english isn’t that good?